Eldritch Lair ANIME MYSTERY BOX! (Limit of 1 box per transaction!)

Eldritch Lair ANIME MYSTERY BOX! (Limit of 1 box per transaction!)

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Time for our very first Mystery Box! 

This Mystery Box contains 100 boxes. In this mix there are only Anime related pops including Pokémon.  Top prize is Metallic Beerus, and other prizes consists of various exclusives ranging from $30-80 in value amongst commons. 

Please be aware that the odds are not in your favor. Commons have to be included in order to make this mystery box viable, some will win big, and others will come out with just a common; That is just how it works. The top prizes can be seen in the product picture, if there isn't something you want or don't understand the risk don't purchase this box!

There is a limit of 1 box per transaction! If you want to buy multiple mystery boxes you must purchase them in separate transactions. Orders ignoring this will be cancelled and refunded. 

The Mystery Box is completely random. All Pops are placed in boxes before the shipping labels are printed. Once all 100 boxes sell, all 100 labels are printed at once and randomly placed on each box.

We do not guarantee against shelf wear or minor damage to packaging during shipping. Some figures may show minor paint and packaging imperfections. Funko does not consider these as defects, therefore they cannot be returned due to these imperfections.