Funko Pre-Order Updates February 2022

February 9th, 2022

Good Morning all, and a delayed happy new year! I apologize for the lack of updates in December/January, a lot has happened and there was so much to process that I was unable to take a moment to sit down and write this blog. Let me give some insight as to why.

First, December was hectic! Thank you all for the support and the rush of orders over the Christmas break, we made record sales for a small business like my own and I'm hoping all of you got exactly what you asked for over the break. In the last two weeks of the month, we were able to fill more orders than I thought would of been possible and that's all thanks to all of you!

January was not how we wanted to start the new year. Right after Christmas and leading into New Years Eve, we started to wind down and spend time with family. Right as we lead into the first week of January my fiancé and I caught Covid-19. I myself suffer from RA and autoimmune disease, and we both struggled for a few days but came around after two weeks! Thankfully for us my brother stepped in and helped fill the few orders that came in during that time so that we could stay away from the possible spread of the virus. 

We had to move... again! As many of you know, Eldritch Lair is still a 1-man operation ran out of our home. We had recently moved to a larger house this past August to accommodate the growing store stock (we're not nearly close to needing a warehouse, that's still a long way aways) and unfortunately we received the news mid January that the owner was selling the building; What terrible timing! Thankfully they liked us and offered us another building nearby and offered to let us transition over for February... so here we are!

All's well that ends well; or so they say. We're all moved over and ready to get back into full force and just in time! We have a ton of pre-orders coming into stock over the course of this month, so without any further delay check out our lists below!

Now In-Stock/Just Arrived

We've received a multitude of exclusives in stock recently, if you haven't seen them check it out!

  • YuGiOh - Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon - Hot Topic Exclusive
  • Hunter x Hunter - Hisoka Glitter - Hot Topic Exclusive
  • Disney - Pumpkin Jack Soda - 2021 Fall Convention Exclusive
  • DC - Poison Ivy Soda - 2021 Fall Convention Exclusive
  • Fire Force - Tamaki GitD - Hot Topic Exclusive
  • Pokémon - Flocked Pikachu - EB Games Exclusive
  • Demon Slayer - Lounging Inosuke - Special Edition Exclusive
  • Naruto Shippuden - Naruto On Gamakichi - Hot Topic Exclusive
  • McDonalds - Pumpkin McNugget - 2021 Fall Convention Exclusive
  • My Hero Academia - Eijiro Unbreakable - EB Games Exclusive
  • DC - Two-Face - L.A Comicon 2021 Show Exclusive
  • Marvel - Doppleganger Spiderman - L.A Comicon 2021 Show Exclusive
  • And More! Check the Newest Arrivals tab on the website to see.

On The Way

These Pre-orders are shipping out to us over the next couple days and we should receive them within 2 weeks. There may be more coming in after publishing todays newsletter so keep an eye out!

  • Demon Salyer Giyu Pop! Vinyl Figure  - AAA Anime Exclusive
  • Demon Slayer Tanjiro vs. Rui Pop! Vinyl Moment
  • Demon Slayer Tanjiro Kamado Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Demon Slayer Inosuke Hashibira Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Demon Slayer Zenitsu Agatsuma Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Demon Slayer Nezuko Kamado Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Demon Slayer Muzan Kibutsuji Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • My Hero Academia Mirio In Hero Costume Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • One Piece Tony Tony Chopper Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Fire Force Arthur With Sword Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Fire Force Iris Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Naruto Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Naruto Sasuke Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • My Hero Academia Infinite Deku 10-Inch Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • My Hero Academia Tamaki In Hero Costume Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Fire Force Shinra With Fire Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Pokémon Horsea Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Dragon Ball Z SS Goku With Kamehameha Wave Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Fire Force Maki Pop! Vinyl Figure
  • Attack on Titan Kenny Pop! Vinyl Figure

Please note that we aren't receiving our full allocation of Demon Slayer at this time, we are still awaiting 1 case of Giyu and 4 cases of the Tanjiro vs. Rui moment to cover all of our orders. All of these orders will be filled in the order of which they were received. We will make another post when we start shipping out these pops in the following weeks.


Changes to existing ETAs

Our distributor continues to experience unprecedented delays at the receiving port for a lot of our product, and after speaking multiple times with my representative on the matter all I can do is ask all of you to remain patient as there doesn't seem to be any relief in the foreseeable future. You can find the most up to date ETA on each product listing in the description. We will always actively update the products to reflect the info given from our distributor. That does not mean the product does not arrive sooner, it just means that if we were to order at that exact moment that's when we could expect it to arrive.

It is a very unfortunate matter as we all want to receive our product but continuously keep getting pushed back, and only ends up costing us more in upkeep expenses in the long run.

Some product has come through to other stores as our distributor receives partial stock of items but they operate in a similar fashion as a first ordered first served, and the line of stores awaiting stock is vastly large; Even though we get our orders in before the general public even knows the pops are coming out, we still get stuck onto a list and have to wait for our turn.

I ask all of you to remain patient as we wait for our stock. I am a small business with an ever shrinking budget due to delays, which is why we have the policies in place that we do. I will always keep doing my best to get the best collectibles into the hands of collectors, as quickly as possible. Thank you all for supporting Eldritch Lair thus far, and I hope to continue serving you for long into the future.

Kind Regards,

Jordan Amaley